Donald Trump goes completely berserk over an apostrophe that he thinks is a hyphen

Yesterday Donald Trump tried to be cute by referring to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff as Liddle’ Adam Schiff. No one really understood why he went with the weird spelling, or why he included the random apostrophe. CNN apparently left the apostrophe out, thinking it was a random typo. It turns out Trump is very upset about this whole apostrophe thing. Also, he doesn’t know what an apostrophe is.

In the midst of being impeached for a criminal scandal that could land him in prison, Donald Trump took time out this morning to post this surreal tweet: “To show you how dishonest the LameStream Media is, I used the word Liddle’, not Liddle, in discribing Corrupt Congressman Liddle’ Adam Schiff. Low ratings CNN purposely took the hyphen out and said I spelled the word little wrong. A small but never ending situation with CNN!”

Where do we even start. First of all, Trump apparently thinks an apostrophe is called a hyphen. Also, “discribing” isn’t a thing. If you’re accusing a news outlet of removing an apostrophe to make you look illiterate, you probably shouldn’t use the rest of the tweet to demonstrate how illiterate you are.

But really, this isn’t about the fact that Donald Trump can’t read or write. We already knew that. This is about how severely Trump is cracking under the pressure of impeachment. Trump’s apostrophe tweet was some Rudy Giuliani level lunacy, and it shows that Trump is unable to focus on the big picture of trying to save himself from this scandal.

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