Donald Trump goes berserk after learning that Robert Mueller is testifying in public

Earlier this evening we learned that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller has formally agreed to testify in public about his investigation into Donald Trump. This is the news that House Democrats (and the majority of Americans) have long been waiting for. It’s also the news that Trump has long been dreading. How do we know this? Trump just told us as much.

In a typically surreal but unusually succinct late night meltdown, Donald Trump simply screamed this on Twitter “Presidential Harassment!” That’s right, anything that makes Trump look bad – even if it’s a prosecutor simply laying out his findings of fact for all to see – is somehow “harassment.”

Trump clearly has nothing of substance to say about this, suggesting that the news has caught him off guard and has left him dumbstruck. Of course Trump may not even be talking strictly about Mueller’s testimony. The bad news and scandals have been piling up for him steadily for the past few days, from the latest rape accusation against him, to the exposure of the horrifying conditions in his child concentration camps.

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