Donald Trump goes berserk after Fulton County District Attorney meets with his lawyers

Earlier today the Associated Press reported that Fulton County Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis’ criminal case against Donald Trump was advancing, and that she was planning to make a charging decision against Trump in the first half of this year. We interpreted this to mean that the DA has every intention of indicting Trump, or else why would she have teed this up for the media? Now things have taken a much more serious turn.

Now Rachel Maddow is reporting that the Fulton County DA has gone as far as meeting with the attorneys representing Donald Trump. No specific context has been given for this meeting, but as various legal experts have pointed out on social media, prosecutors usually hold this kind of meeting to inform someone that they’re a criminal target who’s on track to be indicted, and to offer them the opportunity to provide evidence in their defense.

While numerous pundits have incorrectly tweeted that the meeting in question took place today, Maddow has confirmed on-air that it actually took place a few weeks ago. She’s also reporting that it took place just a few days before Donald Trump released his infamous press release insisting that all the Democrats want to do is “put people in jail.”


This means that Donald Trump’s press release on that day was almost certainly in direct response to his attorneys’ meeting with the Fulton County District Attorney. In other words, the meeting scared him to the point that he went berserk about the whole thing. Trump knows how much trouble he’s in, he appears to have telegraphed that he indeed expects to be indicted in Georgia.

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