Donald Trump gives totally whacked out rally speech, gives something away

Donald Trump gave a speech at a rally tonight, and he spent all his time saying the same things he always says these days, but in an even less coherent and more frantic manner than usual. There’s been a ton of fear and loathing on social media about how Trump’s speech somehow means we’re all doomed. But in reality there were only two meaningful takeaways:

1) First, it’s more clear than ever why Trump’s babysitters rarely let him appear in public these days. Each time he does, the resulting media coverage reminds the general public that Trump is half senile and half dead and obviously isn’t going to be a factor in 2024. Team Trump can’t keep using the hint of a 2024 campaign to fundraise money and pocket it if the public figures out he’s a goner.

2) Even with the not remotely full deck that Trump is playing with these days, even he understands that he’s going to prison, and it’s just a matter of whether New York or Georgia indicts him first. Trump’s increasingly frantic nature gives this away pretty clearly.

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