Donald Trump gets blown over

Most Americans are either keeping an eye on the deadly hurricane that’s about to make landfall on the east coast of the United States, or worrying about how bad the stock market will tank this week as a result of the latest round of pointless tariffs, or focusing on the latest mass shooting. But not Donald Trump.

Instead, Trump is busy putting his effort into various online feuds – and in some cases he doesn’t even know who he’s feuding with. Yesterday Trump incorrectly claimed that Hurricane Dorian could make landfall in Alabama, which isn’t physically possible. When the media uniformly called him out for it, Trump responded by lashing out at “Jonathan Carl.” It took him awhile to delete it and correctly focus his ire at ABC News reporter Jon Karl, but not after having sent a whole lot of attention to the Twitter account of some guy named Jonathan Carl in Kentucky, who had been tagged in the errant tweet.

Elsewhere over the long holiday weekend, Donald Trump got into a feud with a member of the U.S. intelligence community who doesn’t appear to exist. At least he spelled Debra Messing’s name correctly when he inappropriately lashed out at her, but perhaps that was more by accident than anything.


We’re dealing with a complete idiot here. Not only that, we’re dealing with a particularly dangerous complete idiot. He’s getting people in the wrong states panicked about the hurricane, and he’s doubling down on his idiocy when the media tries to set the record straight. And he’s far more focused on petty feuds than he is on prepping for the federal government’s hurricane response. Then again, it’s been six months since Trump had a permanent FEMA Director, so it’s pretty clear that he simply doesn’t care who gets hurt. It’s time for Trump to resign, and go jump in a lake.

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