Donald Trump starts cursing and goes completely off the rails about impeachment during ceremony with college sports team

Yesterday Donald Trump finally figured out he’s been impeached, when he had an all caps meltdown on Twitter that started with “I JUST GOT IMPEACHED.” Nevermind that he got impeached a month ago, of course. But now that he’s awoken from his stupor, he’s quickly become obsessed with his impeachment. In fact, when he held a ceremony with a college football national championship team today, he completely lost it.

While Donald Trump was standing in front of the LSU football team, he said “It’s been a long time, a lot of presidents, some good, some not so good. But you got a good one now, even though they’re trying to impeach the son of a bitch. Can you believe that?” He then began dishonestly bragging about his phony accomplishments in office. Watch the video here:

So let’s see here. Trump is more obsessed with his impeachment than ever, though he’s now apparently back to not understanding that he’s already been impeached. They’re not trying to impeach him right now; they’re trying to decide whether to remove him because he’s been impeached. Trump is also bizarrely calling himself a “son of a bitch” while standing in front of a bunch of teenagers. And he couldn’t make it through the celebration of these kids without trying to make the moment all about himself. What a loser.

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