Donald Trump calls in to Fox News and goes completely bonkers

There’s nothing like a Palmer Report reader. Palmer Report readers are the best of the best. These readers are smart and feisty and passionate about using activism to change America for the better. Palmer Report readers are also highly creative. Take the names many of you have come up with for the orange tumor. So, in the spirit of humor, I shall be using some of these names in this article which is about Donnie-two scoops.

So, once again, assolini has revealed his racism and ignorance. But he didn’t do it alone. Predictably this took place in a conversation with Sean Hannity. If one were to look up “Trump sycophant” in a dictionary, Hannity’s picture would be right there, I am sure.

Anyway, IQ45 called the sycophantic Hannity, where the two of them chatted about deeply concerning topics such as — AIDS. You read that right. Shitler appears to think that our country is experiencing an AIDS epidemic due to letting in people from Haiti.

And the million-dollar loser was not shy about voicing his racist concern to Hannity.

“Haiti has a tremendous AIDS problem,” said America’s monster. “Many of those people will probably have AIDS, and they’re coming into our country,” the orange pimple continued. “It’s like a death wish, like a death wish for our country.”


The moron of the United States has spoken! And once again, what came out of his mouth was vile racist garbage, a seeming word salad of hate and ignorance. Thank goodness Rumpedy Trump is out of power, and hopefully, he will soon be on his way to prison.

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