Donald Trump bottoms out

The more time that passes since Donald Trump has left office, the more the value of the Trump brand continues to hemorrhage. Late this week, Mitch McConnell couldn’t even bring himself to say yes when Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer asked if he would welcome Trump’s involvement in the midterms. In a rare moment of truth, McConnell instead sheepishly responded that Trump “has his own agenda.”

Trump’s toxicity is no doubt behind the fact that the name Donald plummeted to a record low in 2020. According to newly released baby name data from the Social Security Administration, Donald dropped 55 spots during the cretin’s last full year in office to 610th place — achieving a record low to match a failed presidency.

Another sign that the Trump brand is falling apart at the seams is in real estate, which was largely responsible for Trump’s ascent decades ago. The Associated Press reviewed over 4,000 transactions over the past 15 years in 11 Trump-branded buildings in Chicago, Honolulu, Las Vegas and New York and discovered something curious.

The AP found that prices for some condos and hotel rooms plunged by as much as a third or more. Not only did this exceed drops in similar luxury buildings, but several brokers told the AP that many potential buyers now flatly refuse to consider Trump buildings. As for the people who have opted to buy homes in Trump buildings recently, they refused to let the AP use their names in the report, fearing backlash.

Riding the wave of Trump’s declining popularity, New York State is poised to finally rid Trump’s name from a 400-acre state park that has remained mostly vacant and undeveloped for years. The State Senate passed a bill on Thursday directing the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to proceed with renaming the site for anyone but Trump.


As the bill now heads to the State Assembly, Manhattan Sen. Brad Hoylman said it best: “Trump has dishonored the state and should not be honored with a state park named for him.” Once upon a time, many people who saw Trump’s name felt inspired by what they thought was a real American success story. But as the Trump brand falls ever faster into the hungry abyss, the narcissistic creep is finally getting the legacy he always deserved.

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