Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo have a whole new problem

The 2020 election can’t get here fast enough. Would someone PLEASE get all of these crooks out of the White House? CNN published an exclusive detailing Mike Pompeo’s abuse of the State Department Security Detail assigned to him. The Democrats are investigating these claims, which came to them courtesy of yet another whistleblower.

According to the whistleblower, Pompeo and his family are using taxpayer-funded Diplomatic Security to run their personal errands. Unnamed agents also shared that they feel like they are “UberEats with guns.” The story goes that in April, one of the agents assigned to protect Pompeo was dispatched to pick up Chinese food, even though Pompeo wasn’t in the car. Another time, an agent was sent to pick up the Pompeo family dog from the groomer, and other agents were sent to retrieve Pompeo’s adult son from Union Station and bring him home. Really? This is what they’re doing with our money? This is beyond despicable. Not one of these agents spent time and training to become gophers for the Pompeo family. It’s a wonder they haven’t all walked off the job.

To make matters worse, agents have also been assigned to “guard” Pompeo’s wife Susan as her own personal security detail. This assignment began in 2018 when Mrs. Pompeo never left home, let alone left the country. The Diplomatic Security are “sworn federal law enforcement officers . . . responsible for the security of Foreign Service personnel, property, and sensitive information throughout the world. DS Special Agents are also responsible for the protection of the Secretary of State, certain foreign dignitaries during their visits to the U.S., and others as designated by the Secretary of State.” Pompeo takes this portion of the job description literally by assigning a special detail to his wife—while she’s sitting at home—and, apparently, the family dog requires their protection as well, not to mention their favorite Chinese takeout restaurant. This is yet another unbelievable bunch of bullshit coming from this administration.

The good news is that according to the Hill, Trump is predicted to lose reelection based on the model that foretold the Democratic sweep of the House last year. If this model is accurate, we can drain this swamp, as Trump promised to do when he came in. Instead, he brought the swamp, and it’s the deepest, darkest quagmire of a swamp known to man. These people have absolutely no qualms about using our money for whatever they wish, and they have the nerve to think it’s okay. Never in all my years as a voter and concerned citizen have I seen such treachery, self-centeredness, and lack of concern for the people they are supposed to represent.

Rachel Bitecofer, whose model predicted the Democrats would take 42 seats (they took 40), believes it doesn’t much matter who wins the Democratic nomination, though she does say that if the ticket includes a woman, a person of color or Latino, or a woman of color, the Democratic turnout will “surge.” She was right before. Let’s make her right again and finally rid Washington of the real swamp called the Trump administration.

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