Donald Trump’s faceplant


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Have you ever given a public speech? If you have, you certainly are aware that it’s fairly easy to tell which way the wind is blowing. If people like what you have to say, they will listen. Conversations will cease as all attention and eyes are focused on you and the words you are speaking. It can be a nice feeling.

Or it can go the other way — as it did for Donald Trump. Trump, of course, made his presidential announcement which bored the shit out of the few people who were there to see it. And we know they were bored. Boredom is not a nice feeling. I don’t know about you, but I personally hate being bored.

And the spectators there to witness a fake American announcing a fake candidacy were bored out of their ever-loving minds. How do we know this? Because there was a bit of a mass exodus as some of Trump’s audience — well -ran for the hills. Or tried to.

According to ABC News, Chief Washington correspondent Johnathan Karl, who was there, many people began heading for the exit — while Trump was still speaking. And who could blame them? Trump’s voice,flat and dead, filled the air, refusing to stop, unyielding in its inability to read the room.

Audience members seemed to want desperately to take flight and migrate away as the air became flatter, Trump’s voice became more agonizing to hear , and the atmosphere became scarier than than all of Hitchcock’s birds descending from the sky.

There was something brewing and that was an aching massive desire to escape. A crowd began to form. As Trump’s flat voice filled the air, a crowd was forming near the doors of the lavish ballroom. Only reportedly people were prevented from leaving. Apparently, the image of fleeing audience members was a bridge too far for the orange monster.

So they were forced to stay as Trump rambled on and on. “I actually saw people trying to leave and people leaving early…but they actually started preventing people from leaving,” Karl explained.

And no wonder! They needed SOMEONE as a witness that this announcement actually happened—After all, it’s not like the media was COVERING it. And that is the tale of a loser — the biggest loser — announcing a campaign that will never be, to a disinterested audience who couldn’t care less. A fitting reaction to the dullest public speech ever made.


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