Don Winslow just dropped the hammer on Mike Pence

Ever since Kamala Harris was revealed as Joe Biden’s pick for vice president, Mike Pence has been pushed into the spotlight again, with internet memes joking about how Pence will be eviscerated in the fall vice presidential debate against Harris. It goes both ways though. The Trump campaign has been heavily focused on attacking Biden’s decision to pick Harris even though it’s clear they have no idea how to go after her besides drumming up the usual racist nonsense, with a number of emails and online ads focusing on standing with Mike Pence.

A new campaign commercial produced by a group not affiliated with either campaign, Don Winslow Films, might make Pence wish that he stayed quiet in this fight – or at least that Trump would stop hailing him as a great running mate, amidst media speculation that Trump was ready to switch him out for another candidate. The video wastes no time digging into both Mike and Karen Pence’s sordid history when it comes to LGBT rights in the United States – going all the way back to when Pence denounced the 1996 Republican convention for allowing HIV-positive speakers, to his support of gay conversion therapy as governor of Indiana, and his wife Karen’s job at a private school that requires employees to sign a pledge against homosexuality.


In addition to being unflattering for Pence, the commercial serves as a reminder that the progress made in this movement has only happened recently, against staunch opposition – dealing with the likes of bigots such as the Pences. A second term of this administration would only make their lives even harder. As fun as it will be to see Kamala Harris stomp all over Pence and all the backwards ideals he stands for, we must remember that he is still a dangerous man in a dangerous position, and this is why we need to vote him out with Donald Trump on November 3.

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