Donald Trump just made a big mistake with Don McGahn

Donald Trump has been winning – for the time being at least – when it comes to his former White House Counsel Don McGahn. When the House subpoenaed McGahn to publicly testify about Trump’s obstruction of justice crimes, Trump successfully bullied McGahn into defying that subpoena, at least until the courts inevitably order McGahn to testify under penalty of arrest. McGahn will likely testify eventually, but Trump has bought himself some time. Now, however, Trump has gone and made a big mistake with McGahn.

In a new interview, Donald Trump has essentially accused Don McGahn of having lied under oath to Robert Mueller and the FBI. If this were the case, it would mean that McGahn committed a felony, the kind you go to prison for.

Don McGahn is ethically challenged to say the least; he’s the one who spearheaded the Supreme Court nomination of alleged serial rapist Brett Kavanaugh. But McGahn has consistently made a point of covering himself legally during the course of his interactions with Donald Trump. He took notes whenever Trump gave illegal orders. He cooperated fully and eagerly with Mueller in order to protect himself. There is no reason to believe that McGahn would have then turned around and lied to the Feds.

Moreover, Don McGahn appears to have a history of leaking things to the media in order to make himself look good in general, and to defend himself against Donald Trump’s attacks in particular. After that Trump said this morning, don’t be shocked if something leaks soon that just happens to spell out the kinds of crimes that Donald Trump committed in McGahn’s presence. Trump is messing with the wrong guy.

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