Don McGahn fires back at Donald Trump

This morning, Palmer Report pointed out that Donald Trump was making a big mistake by publicly accusing his former White House Counsel Don McGahn of having lied under oath to the Feds about Trump’s obstruction. McGahn has proven himself far too careful with the law to have done something like this, and McGahn has also proven himself media savvy enough to hit Trump back accordingly.

Donald Trump claimed in a new interview that he never told Don McGahn to get rid of Robert Mueller, and that McGahn was mischaracterizing and/or exaggerating things when he testified to Mueller’s team under oath. We knew that McGahn would find a way to push back against this, and sure enough, he just did.

Jonathan Swan of Axios just tweeted that according to a source close to McGahn, “Anyone who believes Trump wasn’t telling Don to get rid of Mueller using these conflicts is just stupid or believes in the tooth fairy.” To be clear, whenever a “source close to” a public figure leaks this kind of thing to the media, it’s never done unless the public figure wants it out there. So this is McGahn’s way of firing back at Trump.

The thing is, it’s not just about the current war of words. We’ve already seen that Don McGahn has no loyalty to Donald Trump, or he wouldn’t have sold Trump out to Mueller at the first opportunity. McGahn is currently defying a subpoena to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, for fear that Trump will retaliate against him – but once the courts inevitably order McGahn to testify, he’ll do it. In the meantime, by humiliating McGahn like this, Trump is surely only motivating McGahn to find a way to take him down.

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