DOJ reveals it’s going all in to take down Rudy Giuliani – and everyone around him

The downfall of Rudy Giuliani is already a done deal. By all accounts the DOJ has him nailed for illegally taking money from foreign governments, and that alone is enough to put him in prison for a few years – which at his age and in his condition is likely a de facto life sentence.

So if the DOJ wanted to play it safe while simply getting Rudy off the street, it wouldn’t need anything more than his foreign money violations. Those are nearly automatic convictions. Rudy is toast. It’s already over for him. But as it turns out, the Feds are in fact going all in to take Rudy down for not just his easy-to-convict crimes, but all of his crimes – including those that involved his most powerful co-conspirators.

We now know this thanks to a new Daily Beast report which reveals that the Feds are criminally investigating Rudy Giuliani’s actions in such detail, they’re even targeting him over the phony Biden-Ukraine “dossier” he produced to try to alter the outcome of the 2020 election.

This is notable because the dossier stunt involved some of the biggest names in Trump world, along with some of the most notorious names in the Kremlin orbit. If this dossier is being treated as n international criminal conspiracy, then the Feds really are looking to take down everyone involved.

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