President-elect Joe Biden confirms he won’t interfere with DOJ criminal prosecution of Donald Trump

President-elect Joe Biden did an interview with Lester Holt on NBC tonight, touching on a number of topics. Biden confirmed once again that he will not interfere with any DOJ criminal investigations into Donald Trump. Biden said that those investigations will not be his own focus, because he’s got a country to run, but that it’s not his place to be involved in DOJ matters anyway.

In other words, this is what we were expecting all along. Biden isn’t the kind of President to interfere with the DOJ one way or the other. He was never going to ask the DOJ to investigate, or not investigate, Trump. In addition to being inappropriate, interfering would be politically stupid, because it would make the whole thing look partisan.

By staying out of it and simply letting the DOJ carry out the Trump criminal investigations that it feels are legally warranted, President Biden gets to stay above the fray, and Trump ends up being held accountable for his crimes. We told you Biden is savvy when it comes to this kind of stuff.

In any case, keep in mind that because Donald Trump will likely try to pardon himself on federal charges on his way out the door, that pardon may take time in court to get struck down. Accordingly, Trump will likely get hit with criminal charges in New York State first, which he can’t even try to pardon. By the time the DOJ is in a legal position to be able to hit Trump with federal charges, he may already be rotting in a New York State prison on other charges.

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