What exactly is Donald Trump doing with his time?

What exactly is Donald Trump doing these days? With the midterms likely to be a reflection of his performance, what is the agenda on his presidential table that should motivate voters? From this view, obstructing the investigation against him is his primary goal; beyond that, there doesn’t seem to be much of an agenda. He can only rest on his perceived laurels for so long.

Assuming a voter might have initially seen value in the tax cut, we are starting to see the real results of that tax overhaul. For those of you who will end up paying more, don’t expect to be helped out by the once again failing trickle-down economics of the Reagan years. None of us will be helped out by the dangerous deficit levels created by the tax cut as bank rates increase and so called entitlement programs are cut.

You might still be waiting for that bigger, better replacement for Obamacare? Not only has Trump failed in his promise to repeal and replace the popular health care program, there is an increase in popular support for Obamacare as those who never had health care but relied on emergency rooms for primary care are hesitant to let go of the program – not to mention those with pre-existing conditions. With health care costs on the rise, support for derailing the program is likely to continue to decrease.

Maybe it’s the wall, the one that Mexico was going to pay for? It is quite possible, and even likely, that the imagery of kids in cages has significantly weakened support for Trump’s racially motivated immigration policies. Those educated white women needed to carry the GOP across the threshold in the midterms are just not buying it.

We are quite aware of the statistics that tell us of gun violence being a more likely killer of our children than immigrants sneaking over the border to save their family from violence in their own country. As Republicans are trying to energize their base by talking about the dangers of a blue wave, Donald Trump is bragging about a red wave, hopefully lulling his base into staying home. Go back to your executive time, Donald. No one needs you, and make room on the couch for Ted Cruz too, because no one is really worrying that BBQ will become illegal if Texas goes blue.