Looks like Donald Trump is doing another disastrous press briefing today after all

After Donald Trump’s press briefing went so poorly yesterday that most of the major TV networks ended up cutting away from him, Trump went running to the friendly confines of Fox News today for an absurd town hall. It looked like Trump was going to let the town hall serve as his de facto press briefing today. But now it turns out he’s planning to hold a press briefing today after all.

The White House has announced that it will hold a press briefing today at 5:30pm eastern time. Of course Donald Trump never starts these things anywhere close to on time, so good luck guessing when it might actually start. The biggest question is which TV networks will air it and which won’t – or how quickly they’ll cut away once it inevitably goes south.

Perhaps Donald Trump threw together this last minute press briefing after he learned that Joe Biden gave an uplifting interview on The View today. Trump, ever the narcissist, can’t handle not being the center of attention.

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