Donald Trump’s idiot doctor just gave something away

By now two things are abundantly clear. First, Donald Trump is still sick with coronavirus, as evidenced by his inability to speak for more than eighteen minutes today, and the fresh bandages on his hand suggesting a recent IV drug injection. Second, Trump’s doctor is an idiot who’s trying (and somewhat failing) to help Trump cover up the fact that he’s still sick and contagious.

Soon to be former Doctor Sean Conley released a letter tonight announcing that Donald Trump has been fever free for more than 24 hours. But as respected White House correspondent Brian Karem just pointed out, three days ago Conley announced that Trump hadn’t had a fever in four days:

In other words, it sure sounds like Trump’s doctor just gave away that at some point over the past three days, Trump ran a fever again. This would suggest that Trump has hit that dreaded second wave of coronavirus. If so, he’s nowhere near ready to be out of the house, both in terms of his own health and his contagiousness. His fresh bandages would seem to confirm that he’s still taking IV drugs, which in turn further points to Trump still being ill.


It’s worth noting that this doctor has spent the past ten days making a consistent habit of only admitting to negative information about Trump’s health on a delay of a day or more, so as to create the illusion that Trump is always improving. In any case, this new letter reads like a joke, and can’t possibly be taken at face value.

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