Donald Trump’s doctor may have just given away that Trump really was taken to the hospital for chest pains

This weekend Donald Trump was unexpectedly taken to Walter Reed Medical Center for what the Trump regime initially claimed was an early jump on his February 2020 physical, and then – after no one believed that absurd excuse – later claimed it was because Trump wanted to visit a military family. The scandal was set to get lost in the haze of this week’s impeachment hearings, until Trump’s doctor went and made it even worse tonight.

Donald Trump’s doctor has just released a statement asserting that the secrecy surrounding Trump’s trip to the hospital was because of “scheduling uncertainties” – an explanation so lame and ridiculous, we can’t believe he actually went with it. Trump’s doctor went on to say that “despite some of the speculation, the President has not had any chest pain, nor was he evaluated or treated for any urgent or acute issues.” Wait a minute here.

While some in the mainstream media have been questioning why Trump’s hospital visit was so secretive and bizarre, no one in the media has been talking about the possibility of Trump having chest pains. That discussion only took place on Twitter, where an opinion writer for the Hill claimed that a source had told him it was chest pains – and after no one else was able to verify this, the claim ended up dying out.

Yet now Donald Trump’s doctor is suddenly introducing the “chest pains” narrative into the mainstream media, just to deny it. This suggests that it was chest pains, or else Trump’s doctor wouldn’t bother to specifically say that it wasn’t. Oops.

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