Rudy Giuliani really is going to do it, isn’t he?

This past week the news surfaced that a grand jury had sent out subpoenas to Rudy Giuliani’s associates, demanding that they turn over their communications with him, and making clear that he’s facing a number of very serious felony charges. In other words, he’ll be indicted and arrested soon. So what’s the dumbest thing Rudy could do right now?

Well, trying to flee the country would probably be the dumbest, but Rudy’s pals Lev and Igor have already used up that space on the bingo card. So instead Rudy is going to do arguably the second-dumbest thing he could do right now: he’s going to start running his mouth about his crime spree in a whole new way.

Earlier this month Rudy was overheard in a restaurant, discussing how he was going to launch an impeachment-related podcast. This would be a phenomenally bad idea, because prosecutors would comb over every word of Rudy’s babbling for evidence that could be put in front of the current grand jury, and the eventual trial jury.

But maybe Rudy Giuliani was merely kicking around a bad idea with a friend during dinner, and he didn’t actually intend to go through with it. Right? He’s not nuts enough to go through with it, is he? It turns out he is. Rudy just went on an incoherent Twitter bender, and ended it with “I will explain it on my Podcast soon.” So the idiot really is going to help prosecutors send him to prison.

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