Donald Trump just lost the first round of voting in the New Hampshire Republican primary

The New Hampshire primary isn’t set to take place until Tuesday, but the remote locale of Dixville Notch traditionally kicks off the voting the night before, by staying up until just after midnight. The tiny number of voters in the town – just five voters across both parties – usually makes for an entertaining story. This time around, Donald Trump somehow lost the Republican vote in Dixille Notch, to someone who wasn’t even on the ballot and isn’t even a Republican.

Several major news outlets are reporting that Mike Bloomberg won the New Hampshire Democratic primary in Dixville Notch, by getting two write-in votes. This allowed him to beat out Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, who got one vote each. But it turns out Bloomberg also won the New Hampshire Republican primary in Dixville Notch by getting one write-in vote, while Donald Trump got zero votes.

That means – and this is somehow real – Mike Bloomberg somehow won the Democratic and Republican primary vote in Dixville Notch. Donald Trump, who was running unopposed in the Republican primary, somehow lost.

Of course this simply means that the one Republican in Dixville Notch decided to cast a protest vote against Donald Trump. This doesn’t tell us much about what will happen tomorrow across New Hampshire statewide. The polls suggest that either Bernie or Pete will win the Democratic primary in the state, and that Trump will win the Republican primary in the state. But still, the optics couldn’t be much more awful for Trump tonight.

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