Adam Schiff dishes on Donald Trump’s Russia crimes

Donald Trump has picked a fight with Congressman Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, and it’s rapidly becoming clear that it’s a fight Trump can’t win. We’ve seen Schiff outmaneuver Trump and his stooge Devin Nunes throughout the memo-gate scandal. Now that Trump is trying to block Schiff’s rebuttal memo, Schiff is publicly dishing on the crimes that he’s seen evidence that Trump has committed.

In general, the first rule of an ongoing investigation is to not talk publicly about it, in order to avoid tainting it in any way. But Adam Schiff is a former prosecutor and he knows precisely what he can put out there without harming Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump-Russia scandal. So Schiff decided to begin talking to the media about it today.

Here’s what Schiff told reporters today: “There is certainly an abundance of non-public information that we’ve gathered in the investigation. And I think some of that non-public evidence is evidence on the issue of collusion and some on the issue of obstruction.” (link). That may not be overly specific, but it’s a lot. It confirms what we’ve long been suspecting and hoping: the publicly available evidence is nothing compared to what investigators have seen. Schiff also threw in one more strong hint.

When asked for details, Adam Schiff said “follow the money.” He went on to explain that his committee has not been able to properly investigate what he views as “credible” allegations of money laundering on Donald Trump’s part. Here’s the thing. Even though Schiff’s committee hasn’t been able to get to the bottom of Trump-Russia money laundering because Republicans on the committee like Nunes have blocked it, Robert Mueller surely has that evidence in hand. This is merely Schiff’s opening salvo. He’ll surely dish more if Trump keeps sitting on the Democratic memo.