Donald Trump’s attacks on Colonel Vindman reach absolutely disgusting level

As we speak, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Vindman is publicly testifying before the House impeachment inquiry about Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal. In his opening statement, Vindman told his father – who brought the family to the United States decades ago – that he shouldn’t worry about him. But behind the scenes, some troubling things are happening to the Vindman family.

We’ve all seen the vicious attacks that Donald Trump and his apologists have launched on Colonel Vindman. As a result of those attacks, the Washington Post now says that the Army has had to step up its efforts to protect his home from potential attack. The Army is even considering moving Vindman and his family to an Army base just to keep them safe.

Make no mistake here. The Army isn’t trying to protect Colonel Vindman from terrorists or random criminals. The Army is trying to protect him and his family from the deranged supporters of a psychotically and violently out of control President of the United States.

Donald Trump is the most egregious, dangerous, and treasonous criminal in the history of the United States. His madman criminal antics are now forcing the United States Army to go to great lengths to protect an Army Lieutenant Colonel from the violent wrath of Trump’s maniacal supporters. Trump can’t get to prison fast enough.

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