Donald Trump’s latest press conference today is off to a disastrous start already

Donald Trump’s coronavirus press conference was such a debacle yesterday, most TV networks cut away from it long before it was over. Trump is trying again right now, and let’s just say that it’s not off to a particularly good start today either.

Trump is only a few minutes into this, and he already sounds lifeless and vaguely out of breath. He’s bragging about having sent 4,000 ventilators to New York City, but as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed earlier today, this number is a debacle. Trump is also continuing to brag about not invoking the Defense Production Act, even as the medical community continues to beg him to do so.

One potential bright spot about today’s press conference is that Dr. Fauci is back on stage, after having been conspicuously absent from Donald Trump’s last two press conferences. But based on what’s coming out of Trump’s mouth, this is still a complete mess so far. We’ll see how long the TV networks even bother to stay with it.

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