Trump’s new Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker is even more of a disaster than we thought

When Donald Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions the day after the midterm elections and replaced him in an “acting” capacity, with Sessions’ own chief of staff Matthew Whitaker, it was instantly identifiable as an overwhelmingly corrupt move. Whitaker is a far-right talking head who thinks the investigation into Trump’s Russia scandal should be shut down. His appointment was also plainly unconstitutional. But now it turns out Whitaker is even more of a disaster than we thought. Far more.

It’s bad enough that Matthew Whitaker pre-confessed his intention during various cable news appearances to commit felony obstruction of justice. Would you hire a guy to guard a bank if he was already on record with his views that banks should be robbed? But its not just that this guy is perfectly unsuitable for the Acting Attorney General job. It’s that he’s apparently a career criminal and a vindictive bigot who doesn’t believe the United States should even have a government. No, really.

Just a couple years ago, Whitaker was tangled up in a scam company that ripped people off and then threatened them when they asked for their money back, and was eventually shut down by the Federal Trade Commissions. Whitaker has also falsely and maliciously prosecuted a guy simply for being liberal and gay, which isn’t surprising, considering that Whitaker is a far-right “Christian” extremist whose horrid views are the opposite of what Christ stood for. This guy Whitaker a monster. But it gets even uglier.

Just five years ago, Matthew Whitaker stated his view that the federal government has no authority over state governments, and that the states should be able to violate federal law at will. Now, as Acting Attorney General, he’s in charge of carrying out federal law in all fifty states. Also, Whitaker appears to be trying to hide some truly embarrassing things in his past tweets, as he’s had his Twitter account locked down for days.

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