Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is even more of a disaster than we thought

The supposed party of fiscal responsibility is pushing for a Supreme Court nominee who ran up six figures in personal debt, supposedly by buying season baseball tickets, which then mysteriously disappared. No one on that side of the aisle thinks that’s odd, or even worthy of more information? Maxing out three credit cards would be enough to put the average family into a less than stable place. It would certainly generate questions if that family tried to apply for a car loan or a mortgage.

Yet the party of Donald Trump casually casts this aside as a small detail not even worthy of mentioning. Raj Shaw, the White House Deputy Press Secretary, tried to make Brett Kavanaugh relatable by casting him as painfully “all American” because he had huge credit card debt. OK, cool, but shouldn’t we expect more from our government? The Trump Republican Party has run up a higher national debt than we have ever seen. The Party of not being able to afford Healthcare for its citizens is suddenly the party of sure, why not… as long as it fits into the Trump agenda. This financial planning for the 1%, including the Trump tax plan, is likely to lead the federal debt to explode, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

There are many things about this administration that simply do not make sense. The question here, however, is why the Republican Party simply stopped challenging this Twilight Zone period in American history. Watching John Kelly suffer through the POTUS’ attack of our allies this week, then chalking it up to his dislike of the breakfast he was served, is a perfect example.

The White House keeps dishing out the lies, and the new Republican Party, the Party of Trump, swallows them. Is there no Republican willing to fall on his sword, not worry about the result of his or her local election, and stand up to encourage us all to ask a few more questions?

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