Today’s Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort sentencing memos should have more juice – and fewer redactions

This week Special Counsel Robert Mueller managed to simultaneously excite patriotic Americans everywhere by making clear that Michael Flynn had thoroughly sold out Donald Trump and everyone in the Trump regime, while also frustrating everyone by blacking out most of the gory details for now. Tomorrow, Mueller is filings two more memos, one for Michael Cohen and one for Paul Manafort. They will also be partially redacted, but the non-redacted parts could be much juicier.

Keep in mind that in the year-plus since Michael Flynn cut his deal, Robert Mueller hasn’t revealed a single detail about what Flynn has given him. That tells us that, of all the various and important criminal cases that Mueller has been building based on Flynn’s cooperation, none of them are ready to be made public yet. That’s not surprising, considering that Flynn was in position to give up people like Mike Pence, Jared Kushner, and Devin Nunes, and Mueller may be saving their prosecutions for after Trump is ousted.

Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort are, each for different reasons, a different matter. Last week Robert Mueller had Cohen go into court and plead guilty to an additional felony, for the sole purpose of publicly exposing Donald Trump’s role and motive in the Trump-Russia election conspiracy. So there is reason to believe that if Mueller is ready to reveal that Cohen tidbit about Trump, he’s ready to reveal more in tomorrow’s memo.

The Paul Manafort memo could be even more revealing. Keep in mind that Robert Mueller was preparing to reveal Manafort’s involvement with Russia in his second trial, just before Manafort pleaded out. Now that Mueller is throwing Manafort to the wolves for non-cooperation, Mueller would seemingly have every reason to publicly air all of Manafort’s Trump-Russia dirty laundry.

The frustrating part is that even as Robert Mueller keeps revealing that he has Donald Trump over a barrel and is in position to move on him fairly soon, Mueller keeps keeping large chunks of it secret from the public, so that Donald Trump can’t prepare for what’s about to hit him. So don’t get your hopes up too high about Mueller letting it all hang out tomorrow – but you can probably expect a lot more out of tomorrow than we got out of the Flynn memo.