Did Matt Gaetz just accidentally confess?

Matt Gaetz is responding to his legal troubles in the exact same way that Donald Trump has responded to his own legal troubles: running his mouth. What Gaetz doesn’t seem to get is that this doesn’t work at all. Trump only evaded prosecution because he had the immunity of the presidency; he’s now lost it and is going to be indicted. Gaetz, of course, never had immunity to begin with.

It appears Matt Gaetz is also immune to taking solid legal advice, as no lawyer would ever advise him to say what he said over the weekend. Gaetz held a rally and insisted that he’s merely being prosecuted for “naughty favors” โ€“ which he denies he even participated in.

Yet former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner is telling MSNBC, as flagged by Raw Story, that Matt Gaetz’s attempt at trivializing his alleged crimes โ€“ even with his denial โ€“ could actually be seen as a confession. Kirschner said it’ll be up to prosecutors to decide whether to categorize Gaetz’s “naughty favors” remark as a confession. But the option is there.

As sick as we all are of hearing Matt Gaetz arrogantly run his mouth, it sounds like we’re going to be better off if he does. He’s reached a point of recklessness where his words are going to come back to bite him once the indictment against him comes down and he has to prepare for trial.

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