#DicklessRapist hashtag takes over Twitter as everyone hammers Donald Trump

Donald Trump declared war against the United States tonight, literally, by sending the U.S. military to attack peaceful protesters outside the White House, all so he could pose for a disingenuous photo op outside a church. Everyone from the New York Attorney General to the head of the Episcopal Church has condemned Trump for his actions, and Washington DC has dissolved into a war zone tonight. Meanwhile back on Twitter, some people are fighting back against Trump in the only way they know how.

The secretive group Anonymous, or whatever unknown entity might currently be purporting to be Anonymous right now, decided to begin pushing the ridiculous hashtag #DicklessRapist on Twitter just to try to get under Donald Trump’s skin. Anonymous is a mixed bag in general, and the hashtag is pretty vulgar, but it did provide an opportunity to reveal just how angry and outraged Americans are at Trump right now.

Within a few minutes, the #DicklessRapist hashtag was trending atop Twitter, as everyone took the opportunity to condemn Donald Trump for being a serial sexual assaulter, among other awful things. It’s just one of those nights.

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