Donald Trump may need his diaper changed after tomorrow

There’s a lot to be said for Mary Trump and the release of her family horror story. But those of us who’ve been following Donald Trump all these years of his “presidency” don’t need to read it. Because of course, he’s a malignant narcissistic sociopath, and our money’s on the fact that Ivanka is probably generation four of this family’s sociopathy. They feel no empathy for others. Not even their children. So, the tradition will continue in the Trump family lineage. Chilling.

Trump will abandon even his darling Ivanka if the stakes involve his destruction. Which is why tomorrow may turn out to be a red-letter day. SCOTUS is going to announce what cases will have an opinion, and the last of their cases now involve Trump’s tax returns. It’s always possible they’ll delay till the next session. Kavanaugh comes to mind here because he might want to get his affairs in order when the investigation into his finances occurs under a Biden administration. If the right-wing judges attempt to delay rendering an opinion on Trump taxes, it won’t be a surprise. But if they’re forced to go forward, Trump will be needing his diapers changed. Again. We haven’t even gotten to the Ghislaine Maxwell story. There’s no doubt she’s singing like a canary.

Trump now demands things return to pre-COVID days when he could bask in the good economic numbers left to him by President Obama. The schools will not be able to reopen because no matter how much he pushes, parents generally aren’t willing to lose a child to please a sociopath. By the end of August, COVID waves will be hitting emergency rooms hard and we aren’t even into the fall flu season yet. There are a lot of pundits who believe between COVID, Maxwell and his taxes, Trump won’t even be on the ballot. But the GOP doesn’t have the spine to ask him to go, nor the clean hands to not be afraid of his wrath if they do. We predict Trump will stay to his last breath. Which is terrifying. Hold on tight, folks. And VOTE.

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