One week before the election, Devin Nunes reaches a new low

As we approach the midterm elections, one of the recurring themes in the mainstream media has revolved around who would take the chair positions for the various committees, should Democrats retake control of the House of Representatives. Possibly the most important transfer of power, at least in terms of being able to uncover everything that Donald Trump has worked so hard to keep hidden, would be Adam Schiff taking the gavel from Devin Nunes on the House Intelligence Committee. With newfound subpoena power, Schiff would be able to actually investigate everything in the Trump-Russia scandal that Nunes had blocked for the past two years.

While Nunes has worked tirelessly to protect Trump from being properly investigated for his various criminal scandals, including Trump-Russia, it appears that he has not done as good a job at keeping his own secrets from coming to light. As Palmer Report has documented, Nunes has lied for years about his family’s ties to California’s 22nd district. It now turns out that he is even more of a hypocrite than previously known. While continually pushing policies in Congress that would harm immigrants, his family farm in Iowa is using undocumented immigrants for cheaper labor.

Andrew Janz, the Democratic congressional candidate running against Nunes, has called out Nunes’ blatant hypocrisy. “People want to make sure we have a congressman that is not hypocritical,” Janz stated in an interview with Mother Jones. “In this circumstance, we have one who has sided with Trump on every immigration policy, including separating families and deporting undocumented immigrants. But somehow Devin and his family don’t have a problem hiring undocumented workers.”

While these revelations clearly provide even more evidence that Devin Nunes cannot be trusted to tell the truth, it’s not as if this is a shocking development. It is also not likely to turn many of his supporters against him, as they have either accepted him for the liar he is, or they believe the right-wing propaganda that protects him and the rest of Trump’s cronies. Even if Nunes wins reelection, the most important thing is to ensure he loses his position as chairman of the House Intel Committee. That can be accomplished by people voting for House Democrats across the country.