Devin Nunes caught on tape discussing Trump-Russia and it’s even uglier than you think

The day began with the anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation, and then saw the revelation that Omarosa made secret tapes of Donald Trump, even as Trump’s deputy campaign chairman testified in court against Trump’s campaign chairman. So it’s fitting that the day is ending with a story that includes echoes of all of the above: Trump’s ally Devin Nunes has been caught discussing the Trump-Russia scandal on tape in revealing and incriminating fashion.

The secret tape was first revealed on the Rachel Maddow show this evening on MSNBC. In short there are three key aspects. The first is Nunes’ admission that Donald Trump’s tweets make him “cringe.” The second is Nunes’ admission that he and his House GOP allies are planning to try to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein after Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings are finished in the Senate. The third is Nunes’ admission that if anyone received stolen emails from the Russians and distributed them, that would be a crime. Let’s break this down.

To be clear, there is still literally zero chance that the GOP can remove Rosenstein via impeachment. ZERO. Even if impeachment made it through the House, it would get laughed out of the Senate, where there’s no real GOP support for it, and an impossible two-thirds majority would be required anyway. But because Nunes has been caught on tape admitting that he’s planning to take another swing at it, the whole thing is going to play out even more poorly for him.

While the empty threat against Rosenstein will get most of the headlines, the real story here is Devin Nunes agreeing that several people in the Trump-Russia scandal committed crimes. Everyone from Julian Assange to Donald Trump’s close friend Roger Stone stands accused of having played a role in facilitating the distribution of emails that Russian hackers stole from the DNC during the election. Nunes just helped send some Trump-Russia people to prison.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report