Devin Nunes just had a really bad night

As expected, embattled GOP Congressman Devin Nunes was reelected last night in his overwhelmingly Republican-leaning district. After seeing how the rest of the House races went, and what it means for his future, Nunes may now be wishing he hadn’t won. In fact he may be wishing he could hide under his bed and never come out.

The Democrats took majority control of the House last night, meaning that Devin Nunes will no longer be the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. That role will now go to Democrat Adam Schiff instead. Unless the GOP shakes up its committee assignments, Nunes will be demoted to ranking member of the House Intel Committee. That means he’ll have to sit there helplessly as Schiff reopens Nunes’ illegitimate Trump-Russia investigation and redoes the entire thing, this time in legitimate fashion. But that’s just the start.

It’s not just that everything Devin Nunes has done in the past two years will now be quickly undone. It’s that Adam Schiff’s new House Intel Committee probe into Trump-Russia will expose all the corrupt, and in some instances illegal, moves that Nunes made while trying to obstruct justice on Donald Trump’s behalf. Schiff is going to serve up Nunes on a silver platter to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

So yeah, Devin Nunes had a really bad night last night. He won reelection, but so what? He’s in such a deep red district, the Republicans could have run a talking scarecrow and won. Nunes gets to keep his seat, but that merely gives him a front row seat for what’s about to happen to him. Nunes is now powerless to save himself, so if he were smart he’d just go cut a plea deal with Mueller. But as we’ve seen, Nunes is the opposite of smart.