Michael Flynn gave up Devin Nunes too

Now that it’s become clear that Michael Flynn has spent the past year selling out everyone and everything to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, just about everyone in Donald Trump’s orbit has to be worried about whether it’s their name hiding under those redacted black bars. One of the people who needs to be worried: Republican Congressman Devin Nunes.

Back in March of 2017, Palmer Report brought you the story of how Michael Flynn and Devin Nunes had jointly attended a meeting with the Turkish government during the transition period. At the time, a rogue “fact checking” site crapped all over our reporting, even though it was sourced back to a major Turkish publication, so the story never got the attention it deserved.

Six months later, other American news outlets began reporting the exact same thing, using the same sourcing we’d used, thus fully vindicating us in the process. But by that time it was too late, and to this day, few people outside of Palmer Report’s longtime audience are even aware that Flynn and Nunes even met with Turkey. But this isn’t about us; it’s about what this Flynn-Nunes story means now.

Donald Trump added Devin Nunes to his transition team, presumably because he knew that Nunes, as the Chairman of the House Intel Committee, would be in charge of the inevitable Trump-Russia investigation in the House. Sure enough, Nunes went on to consistently abuse his position as Chairman to corruptly and illegally sabotage his own committee’s investigation. In other words, Trump and his team clearly got to Nunes while they had him on the transition team.

When you consider that Michael Flynn, who was criminally conspiring with Russia and Turkey during the transition period, ended up taking Devin Nunes along to one of his Turkey meetings, it’s not difficult to figure out that Nunes was in on this conspiracy at the time. And when you consider that Flynn has given up everything to Robert Mueller, you have to figure that Nunes is completely screwed.