Looks like Devin Nunes and Michael Cohen are going to share a prison cell

Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen has become such a central player in the Trump-Russia scandal that he’s had to hire an attorney of his own, as investigators continue to haul him in for questioning. Now it turns out someone on the House Intelligence Committee has been supplying Cohen with secret information about other people’s Trump-Russia testimony, in a new scandal that may have just cemented the fate of rogue Congressman Devin Nunes.

Nunes is the Chairman of the House Intel Committee, and he’s been routinely abusing that position to try to sabotage the Trump-Russia investigation on Donald Trump’s behalf. Last year he gave classified intel about the investigation to the White House. This year he wrote an intentionally misleading memo full of classified information. Now CNN is reporting that someone on Nunes’ committee has been tipping off Cohen about closed door Trump-Russia testimony as it happened.

CNN isn’t naming the name of the committee member who leaked the information to Cohen, but it’s not difficult to figure out that it probably came from “Leaky McLeaker” Devin Nunes. He’s the only one brazenly dumb enough to do it, and no one else on the committee is that stupid. It’s long been obvious that Trump and Nunes were coordinating their efforts. For instance, as soon as it became clear that Steve Bannon was about to spill his guts to Robert Mueller, suddenly Nunes had his committee haul in Bannon to try to find out what he was specifically planning to tell Mueller. When Trump came to fear that Hope Hicks would sell him out, Nunes hauled her in as well.

It’s never been clear precisely how Nunes was getting this information back to Trump’s camp. But now that we know that “someone” on the House Intel Committee has been giving Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen information about Trump-Russia testimony, well, do the math. If Mueller can prove that Devin Nunes has been leaking this info to Cohen with the intent of sabotaging the investigation, and that Cohen has been using this info to shield himself or Trump from the probe, then Nunes and Cohen are both going to prison for obstruction of justice.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report