Devin Nunes has a whole new problem

Things are certainly not going well for California Representative Devin Nunes right now. As Palmer Report has documented, Nunes has consistently said and done things that run counter to mainstream American beliefs. As the recent congressional debate has gotten closer, Nunues’ opponent, Andrew Janz, has emerged within striking distance of flipping the long-held Republican seat.

In a long held opinion from Nunes, including the dismissal of immigrants to advance the lives of average Americans, it has been documented that the main policies of Nunes revolve around hampering the advancement of anyone unlike himself. According to author Tommy Christopher, in his view of Nunes, “In the face of Trump’s worst human rights violations against immigrants, Nunes has been cowardly, at best.

A recent article by Esquire has documented Nunes and his family going out of their way to prevent their history of leaving California in 2006 being exposed. In an effort to seek reelection, Nunes has continually attacked Janz as not possessing a real connection to California’s 22nd district, despite recent evidence showing Nunes is the one without legitimate connection to the location.

While Devin Nunes continues to pretend his family’s farm is based in California, further evidence continues to prove his hypocrisy. As noted by the Daily Beast, “The family dairy farm of Rep. Devin Nunes secretly relocated from central California to Iowa more than a decade ago, where it’s reported to rely heavily on undocumented immigrant labor.” As Nunes continues to lie about his family’s farm, while also promoting Donald’s Trump’s hateful rhetoric against immigrants, it is clear that our nation can never advance through hate.