We told you Devin Nunes was going down, and now Robert Mueller agrees

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now confirmed to be investigating a meeting that took place between Devin Nunes, Michael Flynn, and representatives of the Turkish government at Donald Trump’s hotel in Washington DC during the transition period. The thing is, Palmer Report told you about this meeting a year and a half ago – and at the time, a major fact checking outlet falsely claimed that our reporting was incorrect.

The Daily Beast is now reporting that Robert Mueller is knee deep in investigating Devin Nunes for his role in this meeting, which is a big deal. Nunes used his previous position as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to take various unethical and illegal steps in plain sight to try to sabotage Mueller’s investigation. Now that we have confirmation that Nunes is a target of the investigation, it makes his obstructive efforts all the more serious. It also gives additional importance to a disgusting display of dishonesty on the part of a major fact checker with regard to the Nunes-Flynn story.

Back on March 25th of 2017, before Robert Mueller had even been appointed, Palmer Report brought you the story of how Nunes and Flynn had met with Turkey during the transition period. Our source was a reputable Turkish publication called the Daily Sabah. Stunningly, the increasingly controversial fact checking site Snopes slapped an “Unproven” rating on our article, despite not being able to dispute a single word of it.

Seven weeks later, Business Insider publishing a scathing attack piece about Palmer Report which was largely built around quotes provided by a Snopes editor. Then in November of 2017, Business Insider published an article about the Nunes-Flynn-Turkey meeting, which cited the same Daily Sabah reporting that Palmer Report had cited. This confirmed that Snopes had gotten its fact check about Palmer Report completely wrong. To this day, Snopes still has yet to retract its faulty fact check, or to apologize. However, immediately afterward, Snopes stopped fact checking Palmer Report altogether. We take this as a tacit admission that nothing Snopes has ever said about Palmer Report has been valid. But why should this matter to you?

Robert Mueller has always been doing his own thing, without regard for what does or doesn’t get reported, or what the public ends up hearing about or believing. If Devin Nunes is going down, he’s going down. So it’s not as if these phony “fact checking” antics and backbiting attack pieces against Palmer Report have done anything to harm his probe. But the public had a right to know that Devin Nunes was conspiring with Michael Flynn and Turkey. When Snopes falsely attacked our reporting on this matter, it prevented our article from being widely shared or accepted. This likely prevented numerous Americans from learning about the Nunes-Flynn meeting. These things matter. Snopes still owes Palmer Report a retraction, but it owes the American people a far larger apology.