Devastating new witness to publicly testify against Donald Trump this week

Over the weekend, State Department aide David Holmes testified behind closed doors to the House impeachment inquiry. Media reports revealed that Holmes testified about a phone call he overheard between Donald Trump and Gordon Sondland. Now Holmes is being brought back to publicly testify – and the timing may give something away about what Sondland plans to say in his own public testimony.

David Holmes testified that he was in a restaurant with Gordon Sondland this past summer when Sondland took a cellphone call from Donald Trump. Trump was talking so loudly, Holmes could hear both sides of the conversation. Trump made clear during the call that he didn’t care about the fate of Ukraine at all, and that he only cared about forcing Ukraine to promote the fake Biden scandal.

Apparently Holmes’ testimony has checked out, because now the House is bringing him back to publicly testify on Thursday morning. Here’s the kicker. Gordon Sondland is scheduled to publicly testify on Wednesday morning, one day before Holmes. If the House were expecting Sondland to lie about the phone call, it would probably have Holmes testify first, in order to back Sondland into a corner.

The timing suggests to us that the House expects Gordon Sondland to tell the whole truth about the cellphone call and other matters, and then David Holmes will be able to back him up on it the following day. Sondland originally lied under oath to the House impeachment inquiry, but after the prospect of a perjury referral was publicly tossed around, Sondland revised his testimony and began coming clean. Assuming Sondland actually shows up on Wednesday, it looks like he’s planning to tell the ugly truth about Donald Trump. Perjury has a five year statute of limitations, so if Sondland doesn’t show up and be honest, he could go to prison for perjury once Trump has been finished off.

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