The real reason Donald Trump is panicking over Deutsche Bank’s latest move

Donald Trump is clearly terrified. He has lived a privileged life with absolutely zero repercussions despite his lifetime of poor business decisions. Despite illegally obtaining hundreds of millions of dollars from his father, Trump managed to blow it all by bankrupting multiple casinos – the one investment generally thought to be infallible. Trump never legitimately made money through his Atlantic City casinos, and instead utilized them to launder Russian money. While he failed at keeping the casinos profitable, he was certainly successful at personally profiting through illegal tactics.

When Trump continually declared bankruptcy through his casinos, there was one bank that kept him afloat. For years, until people realized his connections to Russia, many wondered why Deutsche Bank continued to provide Trump with billions of dollars in loans. It turns out the very bank that continued to supply Trump with money was the same one that agreed to pay $10 billion in fines after getting caught laundering Russian money.

Based on publicly known information, it would make perfect sense for those performing Congressional oversight as a co-equal branch of government to look into the reasons why Trump has apparently sold out America to advance the plans of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Yet Trump, and his family, are currently suing Deutsche to prevent the release of their business information and taxes.

Donald Trump’s clear aversion to allowing Congress to access his financial history speaks volumes. Why is he so afraid of the American public gaining access to his tax returns and financial records? Either Trump is worth way less than he has previously claimed, as in not a billionaire, or he has ugly financial ties to Russia. Either revelation would not be beneficial to Trump, but the latter would likely lead to his downfall.

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