Deutsche Bank begins putting the squeeze on defeated Donald Trump

– The night before the election, Deutsche Bank leaked to the New York Times that if Donald Trump lost, it would seek to sell off his loans – and assuming no buyers materialized, it would end up calling in the loans and seizing his assets. Forensic News is reporting tonight that Deutsche Bank has indeed begun the process of trying to sell off Trump’s loans. In the unlikely event that someone does buy the Trump loans, they’d likely be called in immediately. And if they don’t sell, Deutsche Bank moves on to seizing his assets. In other words, the squeeze has quietly begun.

– The fair thing now would be to throw out all of Lindsey Graham’s ballots and see what happens.

– Trump apologists are now claiming that Joe Biden hired a mob boss named Skinny Joey to fabricate election ballots. PolitiFact rates this claim “pants on fire” false. At this rate we should just assume Skinny Joey works for Donald Trump and move on.

– The hilarious part is that Donald Trump only wants a recount in two Wisconsin counties now that he’s found out he has to pay for it, and he still wants us to believe he’s somehow a billionaire. If he were actually wealthy, the recount would be nothing but pocket change to him.

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