It’s official: Donald Trump’s stolen election has destroyed his entire family

When it’s all said and done, what will Donald Trump really have gotten out of conspiring with Russia to steal an election he never could have legitimately won? A year or two as President of the United States, a bit of breathing room when it came to whatever Vladimir Putin is holding over his head, a chance to pilfer some money from the U.S. Treasury, an inevitable ugly ouster, likely some prison time, and a place in the history books as a cautionary tale. Now we can also officially add another item to the list: he’s destroyed his entire family.

If there was any remaining doubt about it this week’s Page Six report about Donald Trump Jr’s supposedly inevitable divorce sealed it. Marriages fail all the time, and maybe this was one doomed anyway. But the story says Junior’s wife is leaving him because his behavior has become so disturbing since his father took office and the criminal investigations began. Divorce, however, may be the least of their problems.

If Trump had lost the election and slithered off the public stage, there would be no Trump-Russia investigation on this scale. There would never have been enough attention placed on the likes of Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn to take them down. More importantly for Trump, there might never have been enough attention placed on Trump’s own corrupt family to take them down. Instead, because Trump stole the election and illegitimately took office, Trump Jr is being investigated for the role he played in plotting with the Russians. Ivanka is being scrutinized for the shady real estate deals she cut in past years with Russian money launderers. Jared Kushner’s dark financial web is being busted open like a piñata.

That’s before getting to the damage that’s been done to Donald Trump’s marriage. Melania’s behavior has changed since the spotlight of the presidency brought his previous affairs to light. Either she didn’t know, or she was hoping never have to face the humiliation of the public knowing about it. Either way, she seems primed to leave him the minute the first criminal charges allow her to get out of the prenup.

So we’re probably looking at Donald Trump, his son, his daughter, and his son-in-law either going to prison or cutting plea deals against each other, along with the destruction of his own marriage and his son’s marriage, and maybe his daughter’s marriage too by the time they’re all done flipping on each other. Trump will end up bitterly regretting having ever entered politics. So will his entire decimated family, if they don’t already.

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