Bill Barr just got destroyed

Rep. Pramila Jayapal took no prisoners in questioning Bill “Why Should I?” Barr today under oath. His usual arrogance puddled beneath him like flop sweat while she drilled him and refused to allow him to crawfish. These are the kind of methods that we need to focus on when dealing with Republicans. Our culture of equality has given reign to these people who only offer up a sea of false equivalence, lies that have been not only harmful to the truth, but to the country.

Jayapal and the rest of the Democratic questioners were not only pointed in their inquiries, but none of them allowed William Barr to grandstand and spin, repeatedly taking back their time anytime Barr wouldn’t give a direct answer. Eric Swalwell also set up and bowled a strike in getting Barr to reveal his double standard regarding illegal Presidential pardons for co-conspirators and Trump’s preferential treatment of Roger Stone.

It’s imperative we take no prisoners going forward. The election looms and from this day to January 20th, 2021, these are dangerous times. We must take the gloves off and keep them off, as Congresswoman Jayapal did with Barr. Trump is stupid, embarrassing and corrupt but Barr is truly dangerous. He should not be handled with kid gloves. Ever.

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