Donald Trump’s desperation spirals out of control

Ever since Donald Trump’s COVID diagnosis, rather than trying to take the deadly disease seriously, he’s been acting as recklessly as possible, even throwing surgical masks into the crowd at his last rally in Florida. There’s been no regard for social distancing from either Trump or anyone in his social circle, even after numerous campaign staffers have been put at risk and there are over 35 known cases stemming from the White House alone.

Hoping that he could get some moderate undecided voters over to his side despite this reckless behavior, Donald Trump decided to take a quote from Dr. Anthony Fauci out of context that suggests the president did all he could possibly do in a pandemic. Of course, Fauci was referring to how healthcare workers acted and not Donald Trump, and in this act of stupidity, Trump managed to embarrass himself yet again. Besides being publicly called out on his misleading ad, he’s chosen the worst time to end up at odds with Fauci.

On CNN, Fauci cautioned that now is the worst possible time for Trump, or any politician to hold campaign rallies that are as reckless in nature as Donald Trump’s Monday rally in Florida was, with colder weather giving COVID more opportunities to spread as people spend more time indoors.

Considering that Trump is planning wall to wall campaign events up until Election Day and staffers are already unsure as to how he can handle it, it’s clear he’s desperate to save himself at the expense of even his own supporters. This is why we need to turn out the vote now, in sufficient numbers, to defeat Donald Trump resoundingly on November 3.

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