Donald Trump resorts to desperate and weird new measures as his Russia scandal closes in

Depending on how you want to do the math, Donald Trump is a few days to a week away from the deadline that Special Counsel Robert Mueller gave him for testifying about the Russia scandal. If Trump testifies against himself, he’s sunk criminally. If he pleads the Fifth instead, he’s sunk politically. He’s resorting to increasingly desperate measures as the clock ticks down – including some weird new tactics involving a whole lot of black ink.

No, we’re not talking about the Devin Nunes memo, which backfired on him, or the Democratic rebuttal memo, which will surface before much longer. We’re talking about Trump’s ham fisted attempt at preventing the media from getting to the bottom of the prominent Russians who have mysteriously dropped dead during the course of the Trump-Russia scandal. Last year Palmer Report brought the story of Mikhail Lesin, who by our count was the ninth Russian to die. Getting to the bottom of his death has been difficult, thanks in part to Trump’s own Department of Justice.

Jason Leopold of BuzzFeed tried filing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in order to gain access on the death of Lesin, who died of a supposed “heart attack” in his hotel room in Washington DC, after having sustained several head wounds. In response, the DOJ sent Leopold thirty-two pages of documents that were entirely blacked out from top to bottom (link). Literally every inch of every page was blacked out.

This obviously goes beyond any proper level of redaction. Donald Trump and his Department of Justice are giving the middle finger to the media, the public, and the legal system, all because they’re just that desperate – and of course because Trump has hired a bunch of infantile pricks to run the place. These kinds of antics aside, Robert Mueller is still coming for Trump, and he’s nearly there.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report