Desperate Donald Trump just sabotaged the Republican nominee for Governor of Virginia

Republican leaders have made clear that they’re unwilling to cut Donald Trump loose at this time, for fear that he’ll lash out at the party and cost it votes in the next round of elections. But that means they’re stuck with a guy who’s not only toxically unpopular, he’s more interested in trying to keep himself relevant than he is in whether he helps or hurts his own party.

Take, for instance, The race for Governor of Virginia. The race favors the Democrats, but victory is possible for the Republicans. But the numbers say Trump is exceedingly unpopular in Virginia. So if he cared about the GOP, he would simply sit this one out. Instead, Trump just made a point of endorsing the Republican nominee for Governor.

As political expert Larry Sabato said on Twitter today, “Donald Trump just enthusiastically endorsed Glenn Youngkin. No doubt Democrats will help the new GOP nominee publicize this all the way to November.” In other words, the Democrats can win over the voters in the middle in this race simply by reminding them that Trump is aligned with the other side.

Donald Trump is desperate to regain his lost relevance. He’s now endorsing candidates in races where his endorsement actually harms their odds of winning, because he’s that desperate to be able to falsely take credit if they do happen to win. The longer the GOP refuses to kick Trump to the curb, the more we’re going to see Trump continuing to selfishly sabotage the GOP’s prospects from within.

The Democratic primary race for Governor of Virginia is still playing out, with the nominee yet to be decided. In the meantime you can donate to the Democratic Party of Virginia through ActBlue.

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