Donald Trump’s deranged three ring circus

Donald Trump’s chaotic governing has left many of us who closely follow the daily chaos scratching our heads as we look back and forth to the many rings of the Trump government circus. Look here, as we decimate the First Amendment and attempt to remove the internationally guaranteed protections for asylum. No, look here… we are acting like the bully on the playground, pushing around our friends and sucking up to the biggest bully in the global park.

What happens to the rest of the theoretical “us” who do not read everything and scan the local as well as national news for the latest underhand trick being offered as the new normal? Well, Trump hits the road, finds a local arena with a national television audience, and proceeds to redefine what we accept as fact. His followers listen intently and take away each lie as fact. Those who just read the summary of the news hear broken pieces of the performance, and they too, walk away with their “facts” for the day. The series of lies and attacks are many. He attacked the #MeToo Movement, made claims that Maxine Waters has an IQ of 60, and pretended to throw DNA kits at Elizabeth Warren to challenge her heritage.

While all this distraction was going on, the other rings of the circus were kept dark, away from your attention. In those other rings, a new evacuee of Fox News took up residence in the White House. Bill Shine has his own history of sexual allegations, so he should fit right in. In another ring of this circus, Scott Pruitt, who robbed the tax payers with personal purchases, and who is under 14 separate probes related to his conduct, slithered out his EPA job, only to be replaced by someone equally as scary to environmentalists.

And in the center ring, Donald Trump questioned potential Supreme Court Justices who have big label degrees, and a wealth of published articles that he no doubt could not understand, only to likely settle on the one who has publicly gone on record as believing that a sitting POTUS cannot be indicted. Get your snacks ready. This circus sadly isn’t leaving town any time soon.

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