This is deranged even by Donald Trump standards

Who would have thought that our democracy would be constantly threatened and attacked by the very person who is tasked with upholding it? With “President” Donald Trump in office, these attacks have become a daily occurrence. Many hardly recognize this country anymore, and they certainly don’t recognize all of the foolishness that is coming from the White House. Once again, Trump believes himself above the law and is threatening to defy the Supreme Court, which ruled against him on his citizenship question. Nothing makes this man happy more than getting what he wants, no matter who he has to bulldoze out of his way.

Trump has removed the DOJ attorneys who, in his eyes, failed to get his question on the upcoming census, according to The Hill. The DOJ stopped working on this effort after the Supreme Court ruled that they failed to provide a legitimate reason to allow the question on the census. Trump’s argument that they want to “protect the Voting Rights Act” is ludicrous. Please. Republicans have been trying to get rid of the Voting Rights Act for years, and the Supreme Court has been slowly chipping away at the protections provided by the Act. Trump would have us believe that he has suddenly found a conscience and wants to do what’s best for American voters. Nancy Pelosi’s statement to the Hill is likely more accurate: “This is about keeping — you know his hat — make America white again.”

As the Hill reported, many legal experts are shocked by Trump’s latest moves. The courts made clear to the DOJ that they would consider the issue again if the DOJ could come up with a legitimate reason for inclusion of the citizenship question but that the new reason had to be placed before the court by June 30. We are well past that deadline, and many believe that Trump thinks putting in new lawyers allows them to ignore the deadline set by the courts. In addition to this erroneous thinking, “President” Trump thinks he can just “delay the census” so that they can add the question “despite the court’s decision.” Who cares what a stinking court says? Trump is above the law. In support of this skirting of the law, Trump’s favorite personal attorney William Barr agrees that Trump can “legally add a citizenship question” to the census according to the Hill, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling. Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t the Supreme Court the final arbiter of any dispute? I guess not if it applies to Trump and his lackey William Barr.

This new power grab by Donald Trump must be stopped. All he needs is a few of these types of victories under his belt, and he will be unstoppable. Fortunately, the courts have so far ruled against him, and in all likelihood, they will again. Besides, printing of the census has already begun. Will he go the Department of Commerce and snatch them off the printer? I wouldn’t put it past the man. Trump is merely showing us again how badly we need him out of office. This type of lawlessness cannot be allowed to continue.

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