Department of Justice bans Trump operative Heidi Stirrup from the building

In the latest sign that Donald Trump’s influence over his own administration is continuing to wane, the Department of Justice has now banned Trump ally Heidi Stirrup from the building, after allegedly catching her trying to extract information about the 2020 election.

This news, from USA Today, is notable because it means that no one at the DOJ is all that afraid of Trump’s wrath at this point. Even Bill Barr, who runs the DOJ, was apparently either unwilling or unable to stop Stirrup from being banned. Notably, Trump installed Stirrup at the DOJ just a couple months ago, and she’s already being ejected. So much for whatever scheme Trump was trying to have her pull off.

Tweet of the day, from No Democrat Left Behind spokesman Richard Ojeda: “Every child in a cage and the family they were separated from should automatically be given full citizenship. These children and their families are going to need long term care and it’s the least we can do to guarantee they have it.”

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