Donald Trump, denier-in-chief

It isn’t so, because I say it isn’t so. These are the words of school children in the playground, unless you are living in the United States in 2018. We have already been through warnings that the news we are seeing is not the truth, and that we should only listen to him. We have heard the claims that the inauguration size was the biggest in history and the stirring tales of alternative facts. We are now at the part of this hopefully soon to end story, where the story itself is being re-written as it plays out.

Now maybe that kind of thing works on reality TV, but in real life it just doesn’t play so well. Even as a large portion of the East Coast readies itself for Hurricane Florence, Trump is still trying to live down his pitiful, racist handling a year ago of Puerto Rico. He rated himself an A+ as people continued to perish. In reality nearly 3,000 people died as a result of the hurricane and the Trump regime’s failure to properly and completely respond. In fact, when he wasn’t throwing paper towels at the natives during his brief visit, he was downgrading its validity as a storm by comparing it to Katrina.

Today, via Twitter, of course, Trump claims that it is not true that thousands died. Like the Holocaust deniers he admires and hires, he is denying the fact that more people died in Puerto Rico last year due to the hurrican than died during 9/11. (He really didn’t care too much about the 9/11 folks either.) His deceit is only matched by his ignorance.

Let’s not focus on Donald Trump’s lies. Instead let’s make a list o the potential causes of death that could be less than immediate, but a result of the storm: injuries suffered during the storm but not treated because of a lack of medication or treatment, lack of clean water, bacterial infections suffered as a result of a lack of clean water, inability to care for the elderly who suffer from congestive heart failure and who subsequently died due to the inability to get to a hospital due to lack of power or the terrain… and on and on. Just for once, can this “president” respond to an emergency without thinking of how it affects him, and him alone? Trump, you don’t need the help of the media or the Democrats to look bad. You can do it all on your own.

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