Donald Trump’s latest deleted tweet is just weird

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No, this isn’t about Donald Trump’s “Alex Baldwin” tweet yesterday morning; we all know why he deleted that one. This is about a tweet he posted later during that same manic day, one which didn’t even have any spelling errors or mistaken names in it. In fact this second deleted tweet raises more questions about just what’s going on within Trump’s vanishing inner circle and collapsing White House.

At 3:32pm eastern time yesterday, Trump tweeted “Heading to Billy Graham Funeral. A Special Man!” Then he deleted it, without ever replacing it with anything. Here’s the weird part: the funeral was already over by the time he posted the tweet. Two possible explanations come to mind. The first is that one of his handlers pre-scheduled the tweet on Trump’s behalf, and royally botched the timing. The second is that Trump is so far gone, he actually tweeted that he was on his way to a funeral after he’d finished attending it.

Blaming the ill-timed tweet on his staff instinctively sounds like the more likely explanation. But when you consider that Trump started the day at five-something in the morning, ranting incoherently about Alec Baldwin while getting his name wrong (twice) and frantically misspelling every other word, perhaps Trump really is so far gone that he forgot he had already attended the funeral when he tweeted that he was on his way to it.

The bottom line is that either the latest round of White House resignations has left Donald Trump’s Twitter account in the hands of someone on his staff who has no idea when or how to schedule a tweet, or the latest chaos has cracked Trump’s psyche to the point that he’s hallucinating. Various major media reports over the past few days are citing unnamed personal allies of Trump who say they worry he’s gone completely off the deep end this past week. Is it time for the straitjacket?

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